We’re going to Greece!
Jefferson is taking a group to Greece in October 2020 to trace Paul’s journey and you should join us!

    Last year, Ken and Robbie Alexander were a part of the group that went to Israel. Ken called the trip AMAZING! We asked Ken to tell us a little more about his experience.

    What’s your favorite memory or story from the trip?

    Ken: I’ll never forget the unexpected emotions generated when walking in places known to be where Jesus walked, taught, performed miracles, and prayed.
    To pick a single memory or story would do the experience a great injustice. So, here are a some of my favorites…

    • The cave in Caiphais' house that served as a cell for Jesus the night before He was crucified.
    • The Garden of Gethsemane, where some of the Olive trees are dated to be over 2000 years old, putting them there the night Jesus knelt and prayed before being arrested.
    • The steps where Jesus taught and where Mary and Joseph left him when he was 12 years old.
    • I have a fun memory from our swim in the Dead Sea. We couldn't sink! We all had lots of laughter and fun.
    • I also experienced firsthand the healing properties of the Dead Sea mineral mud, having a hangnail literally heal itself overnight after being covered in Dead Sea mud!
    • Add all that to visiting Golgotha, the tomb, Cana, the Sea of Galilee, the hill where Jesus preached the sermon on the mount, etc. etc. etc!

    All of these places brought moving, emotional response from many on our trip!

    How does a trip like this change the way you read and see the Bible?

      Ken: I can now actually visualize the places referenced in the Bible. This gives me a much more realistic view and reference point when reading the Bible. To walk on the same stones as Jesus, to drink from the actual well that Jacob dug for his family and where Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman, to sit where He taught, to actually ride on a boat in the sea of Galilee just as Jesus did, to see where David killed Goliath and collect stones from the same creek bed just as he did, to go to Hebron (very rare occurrence for Americans) and pray at the tomb of Abraham and Sarah, and to go to Mt. Nebo, where the Lord showed Moses the promised land…when I now read those passages, they come alive like never before!

      It was also great to have Joseph Fowler, his father, Dr. Perry Fowler and our tour guides helping guide us with Biblical context, history and significance. This helped me gain incredible new insight to the Word.

      Why are trips like these important?

      Ken: I think there are several reasons these trips are important. One, if you enjoy travel but don't like having to do all the research and detail work, these type trips are great. Joseph and Mary Fowler were phenomenal hosts and were always making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.

      The travel company, EO (Educational Opportunities), was very professional and organized which made our travel much easier than it would've been traveling alone.

      The camaraderie of traveling with fellow church members was a great benefit, and helped us make lifelong new friends, and strengthen existing friendships and bonds. But for us (Robbie and I - and she concurs with all my above statements, by the way! Lol), the chance to combine our love of travel with our love of the Lord and desire to learn more about Him and His word is by far the most important reason to go to us.

      Also, hanging out with Joseph and Mary (and Joseph's Dad, Perry), was a blast! They are just good human beings! LOL

      What kind of experience can people expect on trips like these?

      Ken: As with any experience, your attitude will have a lot to do with defining your experience. There are always going to be little hiccups and bumps…such as long flights and long lines at customs. I reference this because I know a lot of people say that these are some of the reasons they don't do trips like this, but the benefits really do outweigh any of these minor negatives.
      In my opinion, the benefits are too numerous to count: fellowship, worship, adventure, Bible study, lifelong memories, etc.
      If given the opportunity, you should seriously consider going on a trip with the church like this!

        You're invited to join Jefferson as we follow the Journeys of Paul in Greece in October 2020. We will have an information meeting in September 2019. To view the trip brochure click here. For more information contact Joseph Fowler at jfowler@jeffersonbaptist.org.